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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Join me on my RA Journey

My Friends, first of all - this is a new path for me - so I want to let you in on my journey. My coach recommended that I do a blog - so this is my version - I am doing a little newsletter. After 3 years of pain, extreme fatigue and joint stiffness (as well as shoulder surgery and pt for other things) - I finally got a correct diagnosis of RA. It was frustrating for both myself and my doctor, because we went to many doctors that were not helping me. During this time, I tried to take time off from work to get better - and was replaced, let go or was forced to quit

For me, that has been the most difficult part. I spent 11 years going to school at night to get my BS degree, worked hard to become successful and independant. Now this disease has cut me off at my knees.

After the first career loss, I was determined to retrain myself and became a (Internationally)Certified Life Coach and started You Empowered Coaching - It is my passion and if I may proudly say, I am doing what I was meant to do. With my reputation, a second career opportunity came - Managing 360+ people - coaching them to succeed in life and sales. It was fabulous being the only Certified Coach, and I loved my team!

Major problem was - something was terribly wrong with me. My body was breaking down, and fast.

Every joint - both hands, both hips, my spine, my shoulders...the fatigue was unimaginable - and now I couldn’t move in the morning - not even to do my yoga, which was a ritual. My doctor said I had to take a break from work, or it would kill my body. So I did. They replaced me. Corporate America. Good news is that I found out what was wrong after they replaced me - I had Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Good News, bad news. Great doctor - harsh medicines. I was already losing my hair because of another medicine...or so I thought. Quickly my new doc - Dr. D told me that it was because of my illness. JOY!

This new medicine is a cancer

drug - used to weaken my immune system that is already attacking itself and my joints. It is a smaller dose than if I have cancer, but it kicks my butt. If anyone gets sick - I am in big trouble - I have NO resistance anymore. Or energy. But I do still have my sense of humor :)

So, why am I writing this? Hmmmm - well - I guess - the first thing to go with my health was my work - my careers. Then my social life has really diminished - my fault mostly - and I want to change that, with open, honest, truth of what it is like to be me right now. I have pulled away, disconnected, not made plans, not called - because I was suffering - because I could not travel - because I would always need friends or family to come here - and I did not know how sick I truly was. I did not want to be a taker. I am a giver...so, to need people is so difficult for me.

People say - call me if you need me - well, I can’t. Not yet. But if you call me - that would be great. If we did make plans (and you know, I have always been a social person) - they may be a little tentative right now - and at our place may be perfect. I still love to cook, entertain, goof off, laugh - my regular old goofy self...just, I have been isolating because it has been a hard, tough, long year. I know others who have RA feel the same way...when you are sick every day, and the meds make you sicker - it ain’t easy, but with support and compassion - we gain strength. With healing hugs - Alicia

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Alicia of You Empowered Coaching said...

Please comment - I have so many comments from my friends in the Rheumatoid Arthritis FB community - but share, my friends - so others can be helped. :)
Healing hugs - Alicia