"Live life on purpose ~ not by accident" ~ Alicia

"When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there."
-- Author Unknown

"A laugh is a smile that bursts.” ~ Mary H. Waldrip

"Set your goals high and don't be deterred by those who say it is impossible." ~ Steve Fossett

"Our Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless."
Jamie Paolinetti

"A day without laughter ~ is a day wasted"
Charlie Chaplin

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
— Martin Luther King Jr.

"Gratitude is an inner smile shared" ~ Alicia

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Are you here for your Mom or your Grandma?" .... ahh no, for me. ©

Hello my special friends!
So nice to *see* you today!
I hope you are doing well today...
and if you are struggling...
grab the bootstraps...and pick yourself up by them.

A dear friend says that to me
every now and then...
I like having people around me
that don't coddle me ~
that empathize ~
but will listen and then help me
take action.

That is what today's blog is about.

I am a young looking - healthy looking (on the outside)
44 year old woman.   My PCP told me my insides are like
those of a 80 year old.   Ok, tough to hear, but at least
I look ok.

My RA is taking a fast course and it is hard to stay ahead
of it.   However, I plan on always fighting back and doing
everything I can to help myself stay as healthy as I can.

I have a new tool in my "Toolbox for Life"©!
Working out at the Senior Center.   Yup.  The Senior Center.
You heard right.   For the "older" generation...not for me.
But, it is for me.  Perfectly for me.   Because I am 80 on 
the inside, and my feet and hands are really battling with
a Gentle Yoga class...so it was recommended to do this.

What would you do?   I am serious.   Would you go?

I did.  My son and I went today with my prescription from
my doc (I had unanimous support from 3 docs - sheesh).
We were met by a wonderfully beautiful 80 something
woman who said...
PRICELESS..."No, just for little ol'...or little, young me with RA."

Oh my.

My friends...I have an opportunity to get out, get social interaction,
and get help with classes at my level...leaving my ego at the door.
I love yoga, I love working out everyday of my life...but in the last six
months, my body is breaking down too quick for my modifications.

Here is my answer.   Whala!   So, I am working out at a Senior Center
at 44 years old, and you know what?

I am excited about it!  Yup...you heard right.

Tell us - or email me what you are doing to move your RA life in the right
direction.   Let's not waste any time, my friends.   Thriving is possible.
We will figure out how to have our life be perfect for us now.   Some
people never take the time to figure it out....make sure you do.

Simple joys, my friends, simple joys.

Healing hugs,