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"When it hurts to look back, and you're scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there."
-- Author Unknown

"A laugh is a smile that bursts.” ~ Mary H. Waldrip

"Set your goals high and don't be deterred by those who say it is impossible." ~ Steve Fossett

"Our Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless."
Jamie Paolinetti

"A day without laughter ~ is a day wasted"
Charlie Chaplin

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
— Martin Luther King Jr.

"Gratitude is an inner smile shared" ~ Alicia

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Looking in the rear view mirror©

Hey my friends - this is a blog/poem I wrote last August...I really
like it.  I hope you do too! ~ alicia

Hello my fellow RA pals...
friends with pain
or just plain 'ol friends :)

Here I am
Looking in the rear view mirror
what do I see?

I see someone running
always running, as a kid
running from a tough home~

As I grew
I was running from college classes
to work to pay bills
running, running, running ~

Getting married, having kids,
joyful running around the yard,
the house, to college and work
never finding the right balance~

I was sick back then too...
I've always been sick,
if I take an honest look back
in my mirror.

But, I had two kids to raise
to be a good example to
and prepare them for college
more running.
Running.out.of. breath.

Life changes happened~
not easy ones, for anyone,
but as a single mom,
you really have to hit the accelerator.
I was the only one planning for college.

My body was screaming at me
here and there, but I had to ignore it.
"Oh no you didn't"...my body said.
"Oh yes I did"...said I to my body.

Looking back now,
would'a, could'a, should'a's
don't help me a bit~
not one little bit.

But they might help you.
If you are young enough to
get the message...

Listen to your body
it whispers to you....
"slow down"

Then it tells you
"you better stop today!"

Then if you still don't listen
you can be out of luck...
as I look in the rear view mirror...
I see many whispers

But I chose to ignore them...
Now I must suffer the consequences...

Don't make the same mistake as I.
Hear the whispers...make the changes.
We only get one shot at this thing called

Guess what?
When you slow down,
you can enjoy every second of it.
Even with pain.
You get to choose
What you see in your rear view mirror.

Healing hugs,


Mal said...

Wow Alicia, I can't believe I missed this one. For some reason this really hit home with me and reduced me to tears.
Once again my lovely friend, thank you for putting this out there, for all of us who don't have the words or the courage to say it out loud. xox

Alicia said...

Miss you Mal! Thank you for your lovely comment. Yeah, this is a good one, if I may say so myself. I think I will put these all in a book for all of us. I haven't written in a while ~ been so busy. email me ~ alicia@youempowered.com xoxo

Alicia said...
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